Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pasko sa Agosto: Tupperware Simply Healthy Set Giveaway Winner!

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First of all thank you gorgeous moms and ladies who joined my first ever blog giveaway. There were 51 participants with total of 189 entries.  Each participant had 3 to 5 entries depends if they did all the requirements.
So, announcing the grand winner (drumroll please.....)

Congratulations ***JEAN BELTRAN***

And to the first ever participant of this blog giveaway ***MICHI SOLEE*** I also have a little token for you sweetie!  Ladies, kindly wait for my confirmation e-mail so that I can send your prize.  I will be generous, there is no deadline when you can confirm your winnings.

Again, thanks everyone who joined me.  
I enjoyed it so much, I may have another giveaway soon.

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